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How To Bid Online

How online bidding works

There are two types of online auctions - live or timed. In a live online auction, you bid online as the auction is happening in our gallery where there is usually an audience of other bidders. You may place bids prior to the the start of the auction or during the auction which occurs on a single set date but the bids will only be shown once the auction starts. In a timed online auction, you may place bids at any time and the highest bid will be reflected. The timed auction lasts over several days and bids may be placed up until the time the auction closes (similar to eBay). But unlike eBay, there is no sniping. Bids that are placed in the last few seconds of the auction will cause the auction to extend automatically. During a timed online auction, there is no audience in our gallery. 

To Bid Online

You must first sign up for a free account on our online bidding site. You can then register in whichever auction you would like to bid in. If this is your first time bidding online, check out our How to Register page for quick easy step by step instructions. You only need to sign up for an account once, but you will need to register in each auction you would like to bid in.

After you register, you will be able to bid on your item by clicking the "Bid" button and confirming that amount. This places a single bid at the current "Ask" and if you are out bid, you will need to bid again. 

You may also bid by entering a MAXIMUM bid - just click the "Set Max" button. If you choose to do this, the computer will bid for you up to your max bid as long as there are competing bids. If your are outbid, you will be notified so you can bid again if you want. 

Clicking on the "Star" button lets you keep track of all the items you are interested in. Use the tabs at the top of the page to switch between all items and just the items you are interested in. This makes it super easy to see if you are out bid.

Item List Star Web.png
Item List Web.png

Web View

Item List Star App.png
Item List App.png

App View

You can also view the auction in categories.  Use the tabs at the top to switch to categories specific to each auction.  Search for specific items in the search bar on the web or use the magnifying glass icon in the app. 

Home Page Web.png
Categories Web.PNG
Categories 2 Web.png

Web View

Home Screen App.png
Categories App.png
Categories 2 App.png

App View

Make any notes by using the printer icon on the web and print out any page on your printer!

Print Icon Web.png
Print List Web.png

Web View

Download the App and Bid on your Smart Phone!

Bid online with your smart phone or tablet. Just download the Cabin Fever Mobile Bidding App and sign up for your free account!

To get started, scan the QR code below or visit the App Store or Google Play

Cabin Fever's Current Online Auctions

How Do I Get My Merchandise?

We are now offering curbside pick-up for winning bidders.  You may also have your merchandise shipped to you.  ALL items are your responsibility once the auction closes.  It is expected that you will make an appointment for pick up of your goods, email us to request shipping, or email/call to request other arrangements.  ANY GOODS LEFT LONGER THAN 3 WEEKS following any auction without communications are considered abandoned (paid or unpaid) and all right to goods is waived.




Note : We do not support Internet Explorer for our online auction software, please use Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

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